Indoor spraying or treated long-lasting mosquito nets?


The government, through the Ministry of Health and development partners, undertook a nation-wide campaign to   distribute mosquito nets to all households in Uganda. The move was intended to control the spread of malaria, a disease which, according to the World Health Organisation, claims more lives than HIV/AIDS. Also, the initiative was aimed at reducing mortality and morbidity due to malaria, which is still the single largest killer disease in Uganda, especially among pregnant women and children under five years.  As of now, the campaign is estimated to have achieved over 95 per cent coverage, with a total of 23,743,822 bed nets distributed.

Despite of this strategy Malaria still remains one of the major cause of death in Uganda.

In this article, Published in new vision of  8th May 2018 , we examine which method  is most  feasible to implement, given the fact that the economic and social benefits of eradicating malaria in Uganda are

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