SPEED Reports

The SPEED Annual Report 2015

Report on the Regional Meeting on Generating Practical Experiences and Evidence on Scaling Up Indoor Residual Spraying In Uganda

Symposium on Health Financing for UHC 2017 Final Report

 Policy Issue Paper on Phasing out Enrolled Nurses in Uganda

Report on Development of UHC Research Agenda

Universal Health Coverage in Uganda: The Critical Health Infrastructure, Healthcare Coverage and Equity

Meeting on institutionalizing the Theory of Change and Multi-sectoral Interventions on Harnessing the Demographic Dividend (DD) in Uganda

A consultative Report on the Social, Environmental and Economic Determinants of health

SPEED Annual Report Year II 2016 2017

Proceedings Report on the Public Dialogue on the Uganda Health Sector Budget 2018/2019 and its implication to the realization of Universal Health Coverage

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