Hon. Dr. EliodaTumwesigye Minister of Health Statement on UHC (Video)


With the world already half-way into the year of the MDGs deadline, global focus is now on how much has been achieved and the direction to take for the next development agenda. in the health sector, WHO has already recommended universal health coverage as the focus for health planning. In Uganda, like other countries, efforts are already under way to prepare the country, to first o all understand-across sectors- what UHC is and what each sector’s roles are, before actually embarking on setting actual targets for UHC.
At the recently concluded national stakeholder consultation for the Health Sector Development Plan (2020), the Minister of Health, Dr. Elioda Tumwesigye made a statement on UHC and what it essentially mean for a country like Uganda.

The video you are about to view is a recording of part of this statement.