Message from the Symposium Steering Committee Chair


Dear Colleagues,


It is my pleasure on behalf of the Steering Committee to welcome you to the Symposium on Health Financing for Universal Health Coverage (UHC) in Low and Middle Income Countries. This symposium is focusing on    Financing for Universal Health Coverage: More Money for Health and More Health for the Money’, to explore ways and strategies we can all work together to improve financing for health especially in the framework of UHC.

According to the World Health Report 2010, countries find themselves grappling with three fundamental questions:

  1. Where and how can they find the financial resources?
  2. How can they protect people from the financial consequences of ill health?
  3. How can they make optimum use of resources?

As they strive to find answers to these questions, countries must also ensure that the financing mechanisms are effective, efficient, equitable and sustainable. Thus, they also need to invest in mechanisms to monitor and evaluate progress.

The symposium is being organised by the “Supporting Policy Engagement for Evidence-based 

Decisions for Universal Health Coverage in Uganda” – SPEED Project at the School of Public Health in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, and with generous financial support of the European Union. We hope this symposium will make a contribution towards planning and implementation of UHC.

I want to thank the organisations/institutions and individuals that have contributed financially or otherwise to the successful organisation of the symposium.  Thank you all for choosing to be part of this key scientific event; sharing and learning together.

Further details on this symposium can be found HERE

Dr. Elizeus Rutebemberwa

Chairperson Symposium Steering Committee