Universal Health Coverage in Uganda SPEED Initiative (VIDEO)


Several meetings have been organized in Uganda to discuss UHC, specifically those organized at national level. It has been realized that UHC requires policy actions in a complex and increasingly multi-sectoral arena, with legitimate role-bearers ranging from ministries of; Health, Finance, Education, Local Government, Labour, Gender and Social Development and among development partners, private sector and civil society organisations and media.
SPEED is a partnership supported by the European Union (EU) to improve policy analysis and policy influence at MakSPH. This initiative will broadly be addressing UHC and systems resilience in Uganda institutions that are specialized in health policy and systems research, economic policy analyses, social science research, national planning, and advocacy for health rights. The contribution of this partnership will range from engaging decision makers in fora that enhance shared learning, shared vision of UHC goals, and collaborative decision making.

In this video, we explore pertinent policy issues around universal health coverage and how the SPEED initiative will contribute to the realization of universal health coverage in Uganda.