We Join You All To Mark Universal Health Coverage Day!


Today, December 12th is Universal Health Coverage Day! Universal Health Coverage is one of the goals in the Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs). This year’s theme of UHC Day is “It’s Time to Act with Ambition”.

According to the World Health Organisation, “Universal health coverage (UHC) means that all people receive the health services they need without suffering financial hardship when paying for them. The full spectrum of essential, quality health services should be covered including health promotion, prevention and treatment, rehabilitation and palliative care”.

The Supporting Policy Engagements for Evidence-based Decisions (SPEED) for Universal Health Coverage in Uganda is a 5 year partnership supported by EU to strengthen the capacity for policy analysis and advice at MakSPH and partner organisations through hands-on policy analysis and health systems research. According to the World Health Report 2013, research has the ability to answer a wide range of concerns/questions about how UHC can be attained thereby providing solutions to improve human health, well-being and development. The SPEED partnership seeks to engage policy makers with contextually adapted evidence for health policy and systems changes to advance UHC and to support policymakers to monitor the implementation of vital programs for the realization of policy goals for UHC. Consequently, SPEED feels it’s part of its mandate to provide policy debate leadership in the area of Universal Health Coverage and what can possibly be done to provide momentum for its implementation.

Click HERE to to read the UHC supplement in the Daily Monitor by the SPEED Project

Below are some of the reflections on what it will take to achieve UHC in Uganda.

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Publication of these articles was made possible by the generous support of the EU through the SPEED initiative. The views expressed in these articles do not reflect the views of the European Commission or those of the European citizens.